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By Law

The Antonio Cederna Park Committee is a free, non-profit and non-partisan association established in 1994.

Art. 2 - SITE
The Association has its registered office in Monza.

Art. 3 - PURPOSE
The Association aims to promote knowledge and public use of all the areas and structures of the Parco-Villa Reale di Monza complex as a space of prevalent environmental, cultural-touristic, recreational and psychophysical well-being interest, capable of welcome a wide and varied user base, and to promote the protection and redevelopment of the Monza Park as a complex of international importance. In addition to the tools referred to in Article 4 below, the Association can also support, participate in or organize any initiatives to defend the environment and the artistic and cultural heritage.

To achieve the objectives referred to in Art. 3, the Association will operate with:
   a) the promotion of initiatives aimed at raising awareness among citizens;
   b) the definition of proposals and solutions;
   c) the promotion of meetings with the institutions;
   d) the collection of memberships in the world of culture, politics, economics, also at national and European level.

Natural persons, legal entities and entities who share the spirit and aims of the Association can join the Association, who request and are accepted. Entities and legal persons will be considered represented within the association by their respective Legal Representative or by a person expressly delegated by him. The request for admission entails the acceptance by the member of all the rules of this Statute, the regulations and the resolutions adopted by the bodies of the Association.

The bodies of the Association are: 1) the Members' Assembly; 2) The Board of Directors composed of 5 members including the Treasurer, the President, the Vice President and the Secretary. All positions are filled free of charge. An Honorary President without management powers may be appointed.

The Park Committee Association is non-profit. The membership fees will be used entirely to finance the Committee's initiatives. The initial value is set at €5 per year. The Assembly will determine any changes from year to year.

The General Assembly is constituted by members up to date with the payment of membership fees. It is up to the Shareholders' Meeting:
   a) Elect the Board of Directors, if not elected in the Articles of Association;
   b) Decide on any changes to the Statute;
   c) Deliberate on the budget and related activity program and on the final account and the report illustrating the work carried out;
   d) Decide on the dissolution of the Association.

The Assembly is convened by the President at least once a year. It can also be convened upon request addressed to the Board of Directors, signed by at least one third of the members and whenever the President or the Board of Directors deem it necessary.
The convening of the Assembly is made by means of a notice sent via ordinary mail, e-mail or insertion on the Committee's website. The notice of call must be made at least ten days before the fixed date and must contain the day, time and place of the first and second call, as well as the list of items to be discussed.

Why the Assembly is valid on first call, at least half of the members must be present. of members up to date with their membership fees. In second call the Assembly is valid regardless of the number of Members present. Proxies from members who cannot attend the Assembly are permitted.

For validity the acts adopted by the Assembly require a majority of Members present. For validity of the documents relating to the Statute, and any amendment thereto, the presence of an absolute majority of members entitled to vote is required and the resolution is valid with a majority of two thirds of those present.

Art. 12 - proposals.
During the Assembly, Members can make proposals that they deem useful for achieving the social goals. The proposals must appear in the specific minutes drawn up by the Secretary and signed by the President.

Art. 13 - members
Ordinary members are all those who apply and pay the annual fee determined annually by the assembly, and their admission is free, as long as they recognize themselves in the purposes of the Association. The Board of Directors can give the status of Meritorious Member to all those entities or people who bring particular moral and material benefits to the Association.
The quality Membership is lost not only by death, but also by resignation or renunciation, or by default. and incompatibility. On exclusions due to incompatibility the Board of Directors decides.
Ordinary members have the right:
   a) to participate in the designation of the members who will form the Board of Directors;
   b) to be designated members of the Board of Directors;
   c) to participate in general meetings with the right to discuss and vote.
For a correct relationship of trust and transparency and in order to optimize the available resources, Members are invited to communicate to the Association professional assignments, activities or initiatives that may be in conflict with the purposes referred to in the previous Art. 3.

   a) It is made up of 5 members;
   b) They hold office for 3 years and are re-eligible;
   c) Appoints the President, the Vice President, the Secretary and the Treasurer from among the Councilors, if not appointed by the Assembly;
   d) The members of the Council lose their qualification due to death, resignation or resignation;
   e) The members of the Council and the President, in the cases referred to in paragraph (d) of this article, are replaced by the first of those not elected at the last vote and, in case of impossibility, the Members' Assembly is convened;
   f) The Council adopts the documents for the functioning of the Association, prepares the budget forecast and the final account, as well as the action plans and the reports attached to them that it submits to the Assembly no later than four months after the end of the financial year to which it refers;
   g) The Council is convened by the President whenever he deems it appropriate and in any case once a quarter, or when a written request is made by at least two councilors;
   h) For validity the meetings of the Council require a majority of its members and decisions are taken with the favorable vote of the majority of voters;
   i) In addition to the powers expressly indicated in the Statute, the Council also has all the powers needed to ensure the ordinary and extraordinary administration of the Association.
The Board of Directors can appoint working commissions with mandates that are defined at the time of appointment.

   a) The President legally represents the Association before third parties.
   b) He is responsible together with the other Councilors for the execution of the deliberative acts and the keeping of the registers, from which the accounting management of the Association results.

Acts for the President when he is in office absent.

The Secretary assists the corporate bodies in the application of their duties and draws up the minutes of the resolutions adopted. In case of absence or impediment, he can be replaced by another director or member designated by the Council.

Controls the management of the membership fees and assets of the Association and reports thereon to the Council.

Art. 19 - BOOKS
The Park Committee Association must draw up the members' book, the inventory book, the register of the resolutions of the Members' Assembly, the register of the resolutions of the Board of Directors, the cash book.

The proceeds with which the Park Committee Association provides for its activities are: members' fees, contributions from various public or private bodies, sums from donations or donations, sponsorship contracts and any other income.

Art. 21 - HERITAGE
The heritage is consisting of movable and immovable property owned of the Association, including the collection, carried out over the years, of documents and regulations on environmental matters and specifically concerning the Monza Park, a collection which constitutes an archive of considerable importance. The name and logo of the association belong to the Association.

The financial year begins on 1st of January and ends on December 31st. At the end of each financial year, the Board of Directors draws up the final budget for the past financial year and the budget for the future financial year and submits them to the Members' Assembly, accompanied by a report.

The Park Committee Association, where it is strictly necessary and its budget allows it, can assign tasks to third parties by resolution of the Board of Directors, establishing the tasks, any compensation and duration.

In the event of dissolution of the Association for any reason, the Assembly appoints one or more liquidators for the purpose of ascertaining the capital consistency. The net proceeds will be donated to charity to a civil and moral body chosen by the Assembly.

In the event of any disputes between the Members and the Board of Directors, between the Directors, between the Members, the Board of Directors will appoint an Arbitrator who will amicably settle the dispute between the parties, ex bono et equitable, and without formalities. ' procedural.

Art. 26 - DURATION
The Association Committee for the A. Cederna Park has an unlimited duration.

Art. 27 - FINAL RULE
For anything not expressly covered by this Statute, the provisions of the Civil Code and the legal provisions in force apply, insofar as they are applicable.

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